About China

China is a country located in the Asia. It was founded on October 1, 1949.

History [Founded on October 1, 1949] • Capital [Beijing] • Government [Socialist single-party state] • Currency [Renminbi (yuan)(¥) (CNY)] • Language [Mandarin (Putonghua)] • Religion [Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Pentecostal, Baptist, Christian] • Electricity [230V, 50Hz (NZ plug)] • Time Zone [UTC +8] • Country Code [+86] • Internet TLD [.cn] • Emergencies [Dial 110 for police, 119 for fire, 120 for medical]

China Travel Guide

This local travel guide below will provide you with local travel information & tips to plan your trip to China and find the best things to see, do and experience in China even before you arrive here.

Local Attractions

Forbidden City
Forbidden City

Great Wall of China
Forbidden City

Temple of Heaven
Temple of Heaven

Terracotta Army

Terracotta Army hecke61 / Shutterstock.com
hecke61 / Shutterstock.com

Photo by hecke61 / Shutterstock.com

Hanging Monastery
Hanging Monastery

Hani Terraces
Hani Terraces


Leshan Giant Buddha
Leshan Giant Buddha

Li River Cruise
Li River Cruise

Lijiang Old Town
Lijiang Old Town

Longji Terraces
Longji Terraces

Longmen Grottoes
Longmen Grottoes

Mount Huang
Mount Huang

Potala Palace
Potala Palace

Pudong Skyline
Pudong Skyline

Reed Flute Cave
Reed Flute Cave

Shilin Stone Forest
Reed Flute Cave

Summer Palace
Summer Palace

Suzhou garden
Suzhou garden

Three Pagodas
Three Pagodas

Tiger Leaping Gorge
Tiger Leaping Gorge

Victoria Harbour
Victoria Harbour

West Lake
West Lake

Wudang Mountains
Wudang Mountains

Xi’an City Walls
Xi'an City Walls

Yungang Grottoes

Yungang Grottoes claffra / Shutterstock.com
claffra / Shutterstock.com

claffra / Shutterstock.com

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park


Shopping Guide

Shopping Malls, Streets, Markets


  1. Beijing apm
  2. Beijing Department Store
  3. Golden Resources Mall, the world’s second largest mall
  4. Oriental Plaza Mall (Beifang Xintiandi)
  5. Yintai Center
  1. Cloud Nine
  2. Global Harbor
  3. Grand Gateway
  4. Plaza 66
  5. Super Brand Mall
  1. COCO Park
  2. SEG Electronics


  1. New Century Global Center

Local Food Guide

  1. Peking Roasted Duck
  2. Ma Po Tofu
  3. Wontons
  4. Dumplings
  5. Chow Mein
  6. Sweet and Sour Pork
  7. Gong Bao Chicken
  8. Spring Rolls

Drinks & Desserts Guide

Local Drinks

      1. Chivas mixed with green tea
      2. Sinkiang Black Beer
      3. Tsingtao beer
      4. Osmanthus wine
      5. Wahaha Nutri-Express
      6. Tieguanyin
      7. Cooling tea
      8. Pearl milk tea
      9. Chrysanthemum tea
      10. Kvass
      11. Yunnan coffee
      12. Suanmeitang
      13. Salt soda water
      14. Jiuniang
      15. Soybean milk
      16. Coconut milk
      17. Cocoa, rock salt and cheese

Local Desserts

  1. Tanghulu
  2. Pumpkin tang yuan
  3. Ginger milk curd
  4. Grass jelly
  5. Almond jelly
  6. Hasma
  7. Dragon’s beard candy
  8. Guilinggao
  9. Mooncake
  10. Sugar painting
  11. Sweetheart cake
  12. Shaobing
  13. Fried ice cream
  14. Guangdong deep-fried sweet nian gao
  15. Ccoconut bar
  16. Egg custard tarts



Restaurant – Tipping not required. 10% – 15% of the bill for high end western restaurant.
Tour Guide – Tour guide and the driver, $1 – 10 US dollars a day per person.
Hotel –  Tipping not required. Except for bellboys or waiters of high-level hotels and western restaurants, you may tip around $1 – $5 US dollars).
Taxi Driver – Tipping not required.
Spas – Tipping not required.

Money & Duty Free


China Notes denominations: 1 and 5 jiao, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 yuan
China Coin denominations: 1 yuan, 5 jiao and 1 jiao.
1 yuan = 10 jiao(mao) or 100 fen.  1 jiao = 10 fen, 1 mao = 10 fen.
¥ -> “yuan” is also called as “kuai” and the “jiao” as “mao”.

Credit cards

MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted in hotels, shops and restaurants.  It is advisable to have more smaller US dollar notes for easy spending as locals prefer dollars.


ATMs are available in many places and accept cards from overseas banks such as MasterCard, Visa, Cirrus, Plus, Maestro.

Travellers cheques

Accepted. In US dollar recommended.

Banking hours

Mon to Fri: 0900-1600, 0900-1700

How to get in and out of China


Safety Guide

Emergency number

Emergency number: 110 for police, 119 for fire, 120 for medical. All calls are free of charge.

Keep yourself insured

  1. Ensure you buy travel insurance before you come as admitting to local hospitals for tourists will be expensive.

Keep yourself safe

  1. Do not walk alone late at night.
  2. Avoid unlit areas.
  3. Do not leave your drink unattended.
  4. Do not carry a lot of valuables and cash.
  5. Avoid cash counting in public.
  6. Do not accept offer of rides from stranger.

Keep belongings safe

  1. Ensure your cars and accommodation are locked when leaving for other destinations.
  2. Do not leave your wallets, mobile phones, bags, backpacks,  or cameras unattended in public places.
  3. Report lost or stolen possessions to local police stations. Get a report from them if you are claiming travel insurance.

Keeping safe with alcohol

  1. If you drink alcohol in designated ban area could lead to fine or being arrested.
  2. You can be fined for drinking alcohol on public transport, including taxis.
  3. If you drink, take cab back to your accommodation. Best if your friend can accompany.

Keeping your credit cards and identity safe

  1. Do not show your credit card number and PIN that will let people capture with a camera.
  2. Do not bring too many credit cards.
  3. Report lost or stolen credit cards immediately.